What we do
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What we do

Over the years the Group has been developing a genuine know-how in many areas of textile production: weaving, knitting, printing and finishing. All of our manufacturing facilities are located within a radius of 60 km around our head office, allowing us to have full control over both the manufacturing and creative processes.


We provide a wide range of trend-led designs and a rich and up-to-date line of fabrics : flowers, geometrics, ethnic patterns and many others. Digitally printing allows highly intricate designs with no restriction in terms of colour or repeat. This ultimate very technical printing method leads the way to personalization and exclusive designs. Still, our expertise in  the traditional methods ( pigment, reactive, ink transfer) and our advanced digital technology will help you fulfill your most creative wishes.


A colour story: yarn dyeing, whatever the colour, the material, to match your boards with a high added-value fabric.
We are vertically integrated, both in yarn and fabric dyeing for a better product and service.
We respect and provide the necessary certifications required by the different markets and customers (Oeko, Clear To Wear, Ready to Wear, Reach…).


Our factory has a diverse range of highest performance machinery, engineering looms for large stripe repeats, also electronic jacquard (jerseys with an endless array of designs), stitch transfer looms ( 3D stitching). As the knitting machines are not versatile, we diversified the factory over the different existing technics ( jersey, rib, ponti, jacquard fishnet). This results in a very adaptable offer for all kind of requests.


Prior to weaving, there are two steps which are absolutely necessary: warping and sizing. These require a factory apart. Weaving consists in having a weft thread ( pick) crossing the warps (end). Several generations of weavers have developped world-wide known concepts. Our gingham and madras have woven our fame in the colour woven history. The weaving plant works with very modern weaving looms, thus ensuring optimal flexibility, creativity, productivity and offering a relevant response to our customers requirements.


The Group started this line back in the 80s. It consits in terry towelling for bath, shower, bathrobes and terrycloth fabric by the metre. A complete range combining comfort and quality. Inhouse embroidery system allows all specific request for personalization.


Our centuries old and remarkably rich archives of fabrics are made available to our designing team and are an additional source of inspiration.

These archives testify to our historical background for fabrics and fashion and are also incorporated in the present time as a part of our daily environment.

They are not kept exhibited in a museum but are to be seen permanently by the employees and the visitors. They remind us of how important it is to keep the memory of an enterprise as of any other human activity.

They are a link between past and present, connecting tradition and modernity.